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Wendy Smith-Wood operates a professional fiber art studio at Little Bear Silk Studio.

Classes and Workshops:

You can take a class by appointment - just call to arrange it for yourself or a group of friends. If you like our beginner's class, try a longer workshop or come back for a weekend retreat! Wendy specialises in teaching many techniques: Silk Painting. Batik – stamped or painted. More specialised classic Japanese shibori techniques including: Arashi shibori. Ori Nui shibori. Itajime shibori. Also vat dyeing – fabric, yarn, clothing, scarves. Rust dyeing. Fabric dyeing for quilters. Yarn/ thread dyeing for weavers. Tie-dye. Splashy fun with dyes.

Small group retreats

We also encourage small group artists retreats - up to 6 people. Contact us to talk about coming out to be creative with your friends in this inspiring environment.